Litigation. Dispute Resolution. Financial Crime.


Focus. Balance. Accuracy.

Fend specializes in dispute resolution, litigation and financial crime.

We are comprised of lawyers who have long experience from across courtrooms, business sector and public administration.

Our ability to balance the information we get, to focus on the most important aspects of a case and to demonstrate accuracy are features of our strength.

We have proven results from court. This includes comprehensive and international cases.


Fredrik Berg

M: +47 90 73 00 39
Fredrik has a background as an executive in the shipping/offshore industry, as in-house counsel and as a litigation lawyer. He works as a defense lawyer in financial criminal cases. In the later years he has represented in profiled cases as the Transocean case (tax evasion), The Yara case (corruption) and the Bionor case (insider trading). Fredrik has also negotiated a number of contracts relating to shipbuilding, offshore production installations and oil- and gas production in Europe, Asia and America.
2016 Owner and attorney, Fend advokatfirma DA
2011 2016 Partner and Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2010 2011 Vice President Legal, Höegh LNG Limited
2007 2009 Partner and Attorney, Wikborg Rein & Co
2005 2007 Director of Corporate Affairs (EVP), BW Offshore Limited
2003 2005 Attorney, Bergesen d.y. ASA
1999 2003 Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA

Ann Johnsen

M: +47 93 61 58 19
Ann has a background as a litigation lawyer and as a legal adviser at the Ministry of Finance. She works as defense lawyer in financial criminal cases and has amongst others represented in profiled cases as the Transocean case (tax evasion). Ann is also an experienced advisor within VAT and legal enforcement.
2016 Owner and attorney, Fend advokatfirma DA
2009 2016 Attorney and Senior Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2005 2009 Ministry of Finance, Tax Law Department
2003 2005 Deputy Judge, Oslo byfogdembete
1997 2002 Ministry of Finance, Tax Law Department

Knut Helge Hurum

M: +47 48 14 49 87
Knut is an experienced commercial and litigation lawyer, for international and Norwegian clients. He works in dispute resolution and litigation in civil suits, and as defence counsel with an emphasis on financial crime. He is accredited counsel with admittance to the Supreme Court. His particular area of expertise is property, and he advises on both private and public queries in relation to property development and property management.
2016 Owner and attorney, Fend advokatfirma DA
2010 2016 Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2005 2010 Attorney and partner, Advokatfirmaet Rekve, Pleym & Co
2001 2005 Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2000 Universitetslektor, Faculty of law, University of Tromsø
1997 2000 Universitetslektor, Faculty of law, University of Tromsø
1997 Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Thune & Co

Ruth Haile Tesfazion

M: +47 980 19 622
Ruth has experience from a wide range of criminal cases and her main practice area is within financial crimes. She also assists clients with disputes and litigation in civil cases.
2016 Attorney, Fend advokatfirma DA
2016 d.d. External examiner and supervisor for master students, University of Bergen, Faculty of law
2013 2016 Associate and attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2012 Trainee, Advokatfirmaet Schjødt AS
2012 Trainee, Advokatfirmaet Grette DA

Mats Iversen Stenmark

M: 950 51 506
Mats works as a defense lawyer in financial criminal cases, and with civil dispute resolution. He also assists companies with legal issues relating to anti-corruption, corporate investigations and corporate criminal liability. Mats has previous experience as a doctoral research fellow at the University of Oslo, where he worked on a phd-project about the Norwegian penal code against corruption.
2017 Owner and attorney, Fend advokatfirma DA
2011 2016 Doctoral Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
2010 Temporarily appointed judge, Borgarting Court of Appeal
2009 2010 Legal clerk, Borgarting Court of Appeal
2007 2008 Deputy judge, district court
2006 Associate, Arntzen de Besche
2005 Ministry of Justice and ØKOKRIM
2004 Research assistant, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo

Cathrine Møller Faaberg

M: +47 911 840 15
Cathrine has been an attorney since 2002 and has extensive experience of advising clients on the entire spectrum of commercial law. Her specialisms include general contract law, mercantile law, intellectual property law, marketing law and company law. Cathrine advises both commercial parties and private individuals, and has broad litigation experience both from working as an attorney and from her former position as a deputy judge.
2018 Owner and attorney, Fend advokatfirma DA
2008 2018 Attorney and Senior Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2002 2008 Attorney and Senior Attorney, Enterprise Federation of Norway (Virke)
1999 2002 Deputy Judge, respectively at Oslo City Registrar Office, Oslo Court of Probate, Bankruptcy and Enforcement, and Oslo City District Court
1996 1998 Executive Officer, Department of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Justice

Nicolai V. Skjerdal

M: +47 922 222 16
Nicolai V. Skjerdal has extensive experience as a trial lawyer, both as defense attorney in all types of criminal cases and as litigator and lead counsel in a wide range of civil cases. In 2007 he was admitted to the Supreme Court, and he has since then argued many cases for the Supreme Court.

His specialty areas include financial criminal law, civil & human rights and administrative law. He has for several years also worked with corporate social responsibility and human rights due diligence/compliance.

He has for many years served as member of the Board of Examiners and teacher at the University of Oslo Law School, and he has published several books and articles. He is a member of both the Norwegian Bar Association's expert panel on criminal law and the panel on civil & human rights law.
2019 Owner and Attorney Fend advokatfirma DA
2013 2019 Partner, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2010 2012 Senior Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Hjort DA
2007 2010 Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Lyngtveit & Co. ANS
2004 2007 Attorney, Advokatfirmaet Stenberg-Nilsen, Christophersen & Lyngtveit ANS
2002 2004 Adviser, the Parliamentary Ombudsman
2000 2002 Deputy Judge, Oslo District Court
2000 2000 International law adviser, Norwegian Armed Forces Headquarters North, Bodø
1998 2000 Researcher, University of Oslo Law School
1995 1996 Research assistant, Department of Public and International Law, Oslo Law School


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Rates and terms

Fend law firm DA makes every effort to ensure that our services are competitively priced. Our fees are primarily basedon the actual amount of time involved. However, the calculation might vary due to the nature and complexity of the case, its monetary value and the interests involved, the outcome of the case etc.

The hourly rate is determined in each case, and depends on whether the Client is a private person or a business. In connection with the start-up of a new case, the Client will be notified of the applicable hourly rates, the way in which the fee will be calculated, as well as an outline of our billing procedures. If the Client so wishes, we can provide continuous information about costs as and when they are incurred.

According to the Norwegian Bar Association’s Code of Conduct and the Norwegian Competition Authority’s regulations, the Client is notified of the following applicable hourly rates:

Our hourly rate its depending  on the nature of the case. The fees are subject to value-added tax (VAT). We reserve the right to deviate from this price range in exceptional cases. The calculation is based on a minimum duration of 15 minutes of each work session. Specific expenses in connection with the case are billed in addition to the fees of time involved.

The rate for Business Clients is determined by further agreement.