Prices and conditions

Fend law firm DA makes every effort to ensure that our services are competitively priced.

Our fees are primarily based on the actual amount of time involved. However, the calculation might vary due to the nature and complexity of the case, its monetary value and the interests involved, the outcome of the case etc.

The hourly rate is determined in each case, and depends on whether the Client is a private person or a business. In connection with the start-up of a new case, the Client will be notified of the applicable hourly rates, the way in which the fee will be calculated, as well as an outline of our billing procedures. If the Client so wishes, we can provide continuous information about costs as and when they are incurred.

According to the Norwegian Bar Association’s Code of Conduct and the Norwegian Competition Authority’s regulations, the Client is notified of the following applicable hourly rates:

Our hourly rate its depending on the nature of the case. The fees are subject to value-added tax (VAT). We reserve the right to deviate from this price range in exceptional cases. The calculation is based on a minimum duration of 15 minutes of each work session. Specific expenses in connection with the case are billed in addition to the fees of time involved.

The rate for Business Clients is determined by further agreement.